When it comes to learning new information I always like to relate it to real-world projects so you can see exactly how that knowledge can benefit you. To that end, I’ll be using Gravity PDF to streamline an order fulfilment process for a Gravity Form-powered e-commerce system. This is based on a real client project the Gravity PDF team has done in the past, but for privacy reasons I can’t name names and so have anonymized all the examples. Still, the course will give you a good overview on all the steps and how you can fit this into your own unique business process.

Project Brief

When a new online order is placed with our fictitious company, Café Trident, they want to automatically send the details to various internal and external stakeholders. This includes:

  1. Logistics Team – to handle shipping
  2. Customer – to confirm the order
  3. Accounting – for bookkeeping
  4. Sales – for marketing

The information needs to be presented in a consistent, branded, and easy-to-read format.


Gravity PDF 😁

Mark this lesson as complete and lets jump right in.