Create Multiple Notifications


Before we begin creating Gravity PDF documents, you should set up the Notification emails in your Gravity Form. Identify who should receive each PDF and create Notifications to suit.

Using the fictitious example in the course Intro, we will need email Notifications for the following:

  • Logistics
  • Customer
  • Accountant
  • Sales

With that short plan in mind, let’s create the Notifications.

  1. On the Form List page, hover over the form name, then the Settings link, and finally click Notifications.
  2. Click Add New and give the notification an easily-identifiable Name.
  3. Set up the Send To field where the Notification will be sent.
  4. Add a From Name and From Email. Make sure the From Email uses the same @domain as your website.
  5. Write a suitable Subject and Message for the email.
  6. Click Save Notification.
  7. Repeat all steps to add additional Notifications.