Filter which fields to display


Our e-commerce form will be using four unique PDF documents each assigned to four different notifications. Being able to control which Gravity Form fields to display in each PDF is crucial so you only send the relevant information to each assignee.

The Gravity PDF Core Booster Add-on lets you control which fields are displayed in a specific PDF. This is useful when working on multiple PDFs. Let’s see how can this can be done:

  1. Once the General settings are configured, navigate to the Template tab and scroll down to the Display Fields setting.
  2. Toggle on the Filter Fields setting to show the field selector
  3. Click on Remove all fields link and then select the fields you want displayed in the PDF from the left column (tip: enable the Show HTML Fields and Ungroup the Products to get control over HTML and Product fields, too).
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Update PDF button to save.

The Core Booster Add-on gives you greater control over the functionality and appearance of Free and Premium Gravity PDF templates, and this lesson showcases only one of the many useful things it can do.


Check out our documentation if you want to learn more about what other cool things the Core Booster Add-on is capable of.

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