Configuring the View Settings


Our business directory is nearing completion! In this section of the course, we’re going to configure the View settings. Here you’ll find various important options for enhancing and customizing your directory.

View Settings Overview

The View Settings meta box contains a range of options for customizing your View.

The GravityView View settings
  1. View Settings – general options that apply to the entire View
  2. Multiple Entries – configuration options for the Multiple Entries Layout
  3. Single Entry – configuration options for the Multiple Entries Layout
  4. Edit Entry – configuration options for the Multiple Entries Layout
  5. Delete Entry – option for allowing users to delete entries they created
  6. Filter & Sort – options for sorting and filtering entries, including filtering by date
  7. Permissions – configure user permissions (allow users to export entries, prevent direct access, etc)

Enabling User Edit

Enabling the User Edit option will allow logged-in users to edit entries that they create. You can also unapprove entries after editing, changes the redirect settings and update the button text for the Update, Cancel and Delete buttons.

The 'Allow User Edit' checkbox in the GravityView Edit Entry settings

Filter and Sort Settings

The Filter & Sort tab contains a range of options, allowing you to sort entries by a particular field, change the sort direction, filter entries by date and more.

The GravityView Filter & Sort settings

Entry Approval

If you decide to check the box that says “Show only approved entries”, you’ll need to approve each entry before it’s displayed in your directory.

The 'Show only approved entries' checkbox in the View Settings

There are two ways to approve entries in GravityView

Approving Entries Manually

To approve entries manually, you’ll need to head over to the Gravity Forms Entries page and click on the circle icon to the left.

The circle icon to the left of the entry in Gravity Forms

Once the entry has been approved, you’ll see a green check mark.

A green checkbox

Approving Entries Automatically

You can also approve entries automatically when they’re created. To do this, you’ll need to add a GravityView “Approve/Reject” field to your directory listing form. This is an Admin field, meaning it’s only visible to Administrators and not regular site visitors.

The 'Approve/Reject' field in Gravity Forms

To do this, edit your form, open the GravityView tab and add the “Approve/Reject” field to the bottom of your form by dragging and dropping it.

A checkbox field that says 'Approved?'

Next, open the field settings and click on the check mark next to “Approved”. This will ensure that entries are approved by default.

A green check mark next to the field label

Now, instead of having to manually approve each entry as it’s created, entries will automatically have the status of “approved”. You can revoke this at any time by editing the entry and unchecking the “Approved” field.


We’re almost finished building our business directory! The final step is to embed it on a page or page. We’ll cover this in the next section.

See you in the next lesson 👋

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