Image Hopper provides a wide range of advanced options and tools to assist you and your users when uploading images using Gravity Forms.

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Set up and configure Image Hopper Core plugin
  • Understand all the functions of the additional Image Hopper field settings
  • Navigate through the Image Hopper interface with ease
  • Integrate Image Hopper with common Gravity Forms features
  • Set up and configure the Image Hopper Editor plugin
  • Learn how to fully utilize all the image Editor tools

It’s important to note that Image Hopper is split into two distinct plugins:

  1. Core: This plugin does all the interfacing with Gravity Forms, like registering new fields, allowing images to be uploaded and saved, and compatibility with lots of different Gravity Forms add-ons. It also has some basic image manipulation tools like automatically resizing and cropping images. 
  2. Editor: This plugin allows users to do advanced image editing directly in their browser. While the Core plugin has automatic cropping, when the editor is installed and active users can select what part of the image gets cropped, apply image filter effects, annotate images and really finetune the image. 

We have structured the course with this in mind and will cover the Core plugin features first, before moving on to the Editor features.