Great managers seek timely, accurate, and reliable information. Creating business reports can be a great way to show this information. Automatically generating those reports on a weekly basis and receiving them by email can be a dream come true for event organizers.

In this course we will learn how to automate your Gravity Forms reporting, using GFChart and Gravity PDF. We will create several charts to show registration statistics for a conference we are hosting.

We will:

  • Create a registration form and enter test entries
  • Create four charts to show statistics from the entries we’ve collected
    • Registration counts by week (bar chart)
    • Registration/ticket type (pie chart)
    • Member vs. Non-Member Registration (pie chart)
    • Sponsor and Exhibitor Registrations (bar chart)
  • Automate a weekly report to be sent to your email
  • Style the charts on a PDF to attach to the weekly email (optional)

Let’s get started!