Wrapping up


In this GravityKit Academy course, we showed you how to use GravityView with the User Registration add-on and Populate Anything for advanced user management.

In our example, we created a student registration form, allowing students to register for courses. We added a “Course organizer” field that populates choices dynamically using Populate Anything. Then we created a View and filtered entries using the {user} merge tag so that course organizers only see students in their course!

This same workflow could be applied to different systems and use cases. Here are some examples:

  • Managers and employees in different departments
  • Customers in different sales cycles
  • Projects and project managers

What we created in this course was a rudimentary system to illustrate the basic functionality of the {user} merge tag. You could easily extend this! For example, you could experiment by using different View layouts, building user profiles, or linking entries from different forms using Populate Anything.