Configuring the User Registration feed to register new students


Now that we’ve got our student registration form set up, we need to configure a new User Registration feed in order to create an account for students who submit the form.

We’ll start by going to the form settings, selecting “User Registration” on the left, and clicking “Add New”.

The "Add New" button on the User Registration feed page in Gravity Forms

Next, we need to select the action that the feed will perform. We want to register a new user on our site, so we’ll select “Create User”.

The "Create User" option on the User Registration feed options

Now we need to map fields in our form to the required fields in each user’s profile and select a user role for new registrants. We’ll map the “Username” field to the Username, the “Email” field to the Email Address, and we’ll select “Student” as the user role.

Finally, there are several additional options to configure, including the user activation process.

The "Additional Options" for new user registration feeds.

When you’re done, click “Save Settings” to save the feed.