Set New Filtering Parameters


Change the Name of the Duplicate View

Once you click New Draft, a new View will open up with the same name as the original. Change the name to the name of the committee you are displaying. I’ll call mine Board of Directors. Once you publish the View the permalink will be automatically updated to correspond with the new name of the View.

You’ll see that all of the settings are the same. This is perfect for when you’ve set up everything just right and you don’t want to recreate it again and again!

Assuming you want to show all the same information in the same format, the only thing left to do is to set or change the filter parameters!

Set the View’s Filter Parameters

Scroll down to the View Settings and choose the Filter & Sort tab. You’ll see the Advanced Filter option now at the bottom.

What you choose here is what will show in your View. I’ll choose the Committee Participation field I set up for this purpose. In the next field choose “is.” In the final field choose the committee you are currently setting up the View for. I’ll choose “Board of Directors.”

Now publish the View and embed it in the page of your choice. That’s it!

Repeat this same quick process again for each committee or team.