Listing View


GravityView License

Listing View is available with a GravityView Core License.

Listing View provides a nicely formatted layout when you have a title, and picture, and some additional information.

It looks like this:

In Depth Look

For an in depth look at how to create this View, check out the course Create a Member or Team Member Directory with Gravity Forms

If no picture is included in the View (either because you didn’t set an image field or because the entry was submitted with no image), the additional fields shifts to the left like this:

Consistent Format with a Missing Image

If your form’s image field is optional, but you want to maintain a consistent layout for all entries, you can hold entries for approval before they appear in the View. Before you approve the entry, insert a generic image in the image field so that the entry holds the same format as all the others.

A single entry in Listing View looks like this: