Build the Basic Member Form


Tools Needed

Gravity Forms – Basic License

Create the Form

First you’ll need to create a form to collect the information you need. My form has the following fields:

  • Name (Name Field)
  • Company Name (Single Line Text Field)
  • Job Title (Single Line Text Field)
  • Address (Address Field)
  • Email Address (Email Field)
  • Office Phone (Phone Field)
  • Mobile Phone (Phone Field)
  • Headshot (File Upload Field)
  • 100 Word Bio (Paragraph Text Field)
  • Committee Participation (Checkbox Field)

Click the button below to download this form.

Once downloaded, unzip the file. Then, you can import it to your website by choosing Import/Export from the Gravity Forms menu. Next, choose Import Forms and upload the form you’ve downloaded above.

You’ll want to create a few entries so that you can test the View as you create it.