Build a Form to Collect Photographs


License Note

This lesson requires a Gravity Forms Basic License.

Consider what information would be important about the photo to determine which fields to include on your form. A few basics you will probably want to include:

  • Name
  • Email
  • File Upload
  • Image Description
  • Rules/Consent

File Upload

Gravity Forms’ standard File Upload field will work, but to enhance this field there are two great options: Gravity Perks’ File Upload Pro provides image preview as well as image cropping features; Image Hopper’s Ultimate + Editor License provides image preview as well as significant editing options include cropping, color adjustment, filters, annotation, and much more.

Other fields you might want to consider:

  • Date of photo
  • Time of photo
  • Location of photo
  • Equipment used
  • Post Processing Details
  • Category (age group of photographer, type of image, etc.)

Set up your Confirmations and Notifications settings as you see fit.